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A wiki database dedicated to episodes and instalments, intentional or otherwise, that function as endings or resolutions to your favourite tv dramas, animations, or comics and novels

So... you're the creative force behind a television show. You've managed to get your concept off the ground, and into the homes of millions. But you're just not sure if it has been enough millions. Ratings are wavering, the advertising isn't selling as well as you've hoped, and the network has made it not at all clear whether you'll be picked up for another season. You're not certain if you've told the complete story that you've wanted to tell, and are far from certain that you'll be granted the forum of a TV-Movie in order to Wrap It Up.

But still, there are the thousands of fans out there, signing petitions, talking about it on their favorite television wiki, and generally supportive in every facet of your show. Don't they deserve closure? Don't they deserve to not be Left Hanging? Of course. So, with the Season Finale looming high, and it almost certainly the last episode to be aired, you decide to go out with a bang and give the folks at home a nice curtain call. It's the Grand Finale after all!

... then you get Only Barely Renewed... heck, maybe even Un Cancelled.

The Series Fauxnale is an episode of a series that was planned to serve as an adequate, even great, final episode of the show, brought upon by how its future on television was uncertain. Often precedes a Post Script Season, though some shows last for many, many years thereafter. It is likely to have all the attributes of the Stock Series Finales. If the following years of the show are considered lackluster, there'll be more than a couple fans that claim Fanon Discontinuity on it, and say that this was when the show really ended.

Will more often than not overlap with Status Quo Is God.